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    Hi my name’s Dan Norris, I’m a web designer from Brisbane.

    Brisbane Web Designer is essentially a blog but it also includes a bunch of info about what we offer and some free stuff to help you succeed online.

5 things to remember whenever you add content to the web

I regularly get calls from clients who have updated their websites only to find that the formatting is playing up and they are spending hours trying to get it right.

Here are 5 rules to keep in mind any time you add anything to your website CMS or the web in general.

  1. Never copy and paste directly from Word, if you have content in Word use the “Paste as plain text button” or the “Paste from Word” or just paste it into notepad first then into the site – this will strip all of Word’s terrible code.
  2. If the formatting ever breaks, copy the content out into notepad, turn on the HTML code view and delete all of the code so you have a clean slate. Then go back to normal view and paste the content back from notepad into the normal view. Sometimes code just gets corrupted (often because you have pasted from Word) and it can’t easily be fixed, you just have to start again.
  3. Don’t ever change the font size or colour. It is the job of your website’s stylesheet to manage font sizes. If you find yourself changing them there is something wrong with your template. Either that or you are addicted to using multiple colours and your site will end up looking terrible. You should just change the style – i.e. ‘Heading 1′ ‘Heading 2′ etc. Changing font sizes will often break stuff within a web editor.
  4. Don’t worry too much about how it looks in the editor itself, use it as a guide only and test it in the front end of the site and make sure it looks good there. Sometimes the back-end editors won’t include the same styles that are included on the live website so they should be used as a guide only.
  5. If you get stuck just call your web developer, it will always be easy for them to fix the code via code view.

Happy content creation!

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Choosing a local web designer

These days you can hire a web designer from anywhere. Outsourcing has taken off no doubt so why choose a Brisbane web designer?

I still find there are a lot of businesses who want to stay local.

My business is now based on the Gold Coast but I was born and started my web design business in Brisbane and because of the proximity we have maintained a good healthy client base in Brisbane.


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8 features of great small business websites

It’s hard when you are setting up your website to know where to focus your efforts. In writing this little ebook I wanted to help small business owners understand the main things that make up a great website. They are mostly simple things and most of them are things that the small business owner themselves can influence or implement entirely themselves.

The book is also supported by our ‘website review checklist’ which allows the business operator to easily measure their site against the 8 features covered in the ebook.

I hope you enjoy the ebooks and if you do then please feel free to share them.

8 features of great small business websites Website review checklist
Ebook Ebook
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How to build yourself a free world class website

Ebook One of the great things about the modern web is small business owners can do more and more themselves. While a lot of business owners are in the habit of updating their sites themselves, when it comes to setting up the site originally it’s still fairly rare to go it alone. What is more rare is small business owners building their own sites that are actually good!

However it’s certainly possible and while there is an oversupply of free ‘website builders’ which only really help business owners build sites that do more harm than good, there are also some great tools available.

While the tools exist however, it seems there isn’t a lot of really straight forward instructions on how to go about it.This is the reason I wrote ‘How to build yourself a free world class website‘. It is designed to help small business owners who want to go it alone, not only build a site but build a world class one.

The ebook is supported by a number of WordPress training videos to provide you with a step by step run-down of exactly what you need to do.

Download now

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Free ebook The Website Starter Guide launched

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I wrote the Website Starter Guideto help small business owners who are just getting started and don’t really know where to start.the intention of the ebook is to provide small business owners with what I believe they need to succeed online and that is:

  1. A basic understanding of the fundamental aspects of getting up and running online
  2. Some help in choosing the right company for them to partner with.

Click on the left to download (no registration required) and please feel free to share this ebook if you find it useful.

I would also love you to comment below with any feedback or discussion points on the ebook.

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Free Downloads

Want more traffic

If you are interested in getting more traffic check out my 3 traffic videos and free 1-page traffic PDF download below.

Introduction to website traffic

This video introduces the concept of traffic and outlines traffic types and sources.

Traffic plan – Your job

In this video I run you through our simple website traffic plan and suggest some ways you can help you with bringing in traffic to your site.

Traffic plan – Our job

In this video I explain what parts of the traffic equasion are well suited to working with a 3rd party..

1 Page Traffic Plan Download (PDF)

Click on the left to download our 1 page traffic plan which you can use to work through a traffic plan internally or with a 3rd party provider.